watch a tv show that is geared for a young child…

“Select a television show that is geared for a young child and watch it.
As you watch the show, listen for the following things: words used – are they positive, cooperative, educational, helpful, controlling, aggressive, angry or hurtful?
Watch the physical movement and actions: are they natural, gentle, helpful, kind, complex, do the faces smile? Or are they competitive, aggressive, fighting, unnatural / jerky in movement, forceful, extreme, domineering?
Listen for the music and/or tone of the show. Is it overall tense, loud, frightening, overpowering, constant? Or is it variable in volume and tone, calm, uplifting? As you watch and listen, put a check beside the following items below. When finished, look at the checks that you have recorded. In your original Discussion Board posting, reflect on the tone, feeling and message of the show, and one way it may have an impact on a young child’s cognitive, social-emotional, or physical development either positively or negatively. Also include the name of the television program, the episode that you watched, as well as the time and station.
Place a check beside each of these items as you watch the television show:
Words: helpful, cooperative, positive
Words: angry, aggressive, put-down
Physical Movements / Actions: natural, smooth motion, gentle
Physical Movements / Actions: aggressive, fighting, jerky, domineering
Music: variety in volume, gentle feeling
Music: tense, frightening, loud”
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