Upward Bound PowerPoint Presentation

“You are applying for a position in the TRiO Upward Bound Math Science program and you have been assigned to do a recruitment presentation. Please submit an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation for your presentation. (5-10 minutes). Title page and reference page not included.
Your presentation should include the following bullets but not limited to the below listed bullets.
– What is TRiO Upward bound?
TRIO Upward Bound is a federally funded program that helps qualified high school students develop the skills and motivation needed to successfully complete high school, and advance to and complete a college education.
– What is Trio Upward Bound Math Science (UBMS)?
The Upward Bound Math and Science program is designed to strengthen the math and science skills of participating students. The goal of the program is to help students recognize and develop their potential to excel in math and science and to encourage them to pursue post secondary degrees in math and science, and ultimately careers in the math and science profession.
– What are your plans after high school?
– How can Upward Bound help me succeed?
– Why should I participate in the program?
Please be very creative, make your presentation fun, fresh and exciting to your target audience of 9th-12th graders, and ensure that the presentation is informative and cover all aspects of the program without being to wordy.”
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