Unit One Essay Assignment

ALIT 099
Unit One Essay Assignment
Final Draft Due: Wednesday, 6/19
500 Words
4-5 Paragraphs
Two outside sources
MLA Format
In “Who Are You?” Taylor Gage talks about both positive and negative aspects of using labels to define who we are. In this unit we’ve talked about many different effects labels can have. Incorporating ideas from at least two other sources we’ve discussed in this unit, and your own experience, discuss how labels affect a person’s sense of identity.
Your first paragraph is the introduction. This should be at least 5 sentences long. In the beginning of this paragraph you need to introduce your topic, that is what you are going to be talking about. We’ll talk about strategies for opening your first paragraph. The last (or near the last) sentence in the introduction is your thesis. That sentence states the point you are going to make in your essay.
The middle paragraphs (2 or 3) are the body paragraphs. Each body paragraph is organized around one clear main idea sentence. The main ideas of your body paragraphs support the thesis you wrote in the introduction. In the rest of the body paragraph you support the main idea using sources from our reading or your own experience.
The final paragraph is the conclusion. This paragraph should also be at least five sentences. Here you want to sum-up your point. Remind the reader what your overall point is (your thesis), and how you supported that point (the main ideas of your body paragraphs). A big rule with conclusions is that you don’t bring up any new points. You also want to end on a high note with some good final sentences.
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