Unit 3 Assignment: Self-concept and Perception Essay

“We develop notions of who we are and are not in our interactions with others from the time we are born until the time we die. Dr. George Herbert Meade explains that there are two specific types of perspectives which shape our notion of who and what we are, which includes the perspective of the particular other and generalized others (Wood, 2016). Self-concept will also shape communication choices and the perceptions related to how we think and feel about the world. As ethical communicators it becomes important to monitor the influence of our own self-concept and perceptions on our communication choices.
For the Unit 3 Assignment, you will craft a 3–4 page expository essay (including a title page and reference page) highlighting how your self-concept and perceptions influence your interpersonal communication. Include the following in your essay:
Describe self-concept.
Explain the role self-concept plays in ethical communication.
Describe your self-concept and whether it is generally positive or negative.
Explain how you can ethically influence the self-concept of others.
Explain the difference between self-concept and perception.
Describe an example of when your self-concept influenced your perceptions of someone. Explain how this impacted your communication with that person. Explain whether this was a positive influence or negative influence and why.
Explain at least two guidelines for improving perception and communication from the reading that you can apply to your ethical communication skills. Include what are the guidelines, one example of how you would apply a guideline, and why these guidelines help with effective communication.
Your paper should include a reference to the textbook. APA formatting and in-text citations must be used for a minimum of three sources including your text. When referencing the readings, be sure to use APA guidelines. Information regarding APA formatting and citation can be found in the Writing Center and should be reviewed thoroughly. Below is a link to the document:
Your paper should use Standard American English including correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and complete sentences and paragraphs. Your paper should be double spaced, using times New Roman 12 point font, and free of typographical errors.
Your paper should include a highly developed viewpoint and purpose.
Your paper should demonstrate superior organization. Communication should be highly ordered, logical, and unified.”
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