Two-pages Reading Response

“This reading response must consist of two parts:
a. A description of what you identify as the theme for the week’s readings. The theme should draw from all of the readings and provide a brief summary of the authors’ main points.
b. You should respond critically to the week’s readings, taking note of connections to your own experiences, previous chapter’ readings, or other related work that addresses the week’s theme. In this section, feel free to pose any questions that the readings raise for you. You will not receive money if you only submit a summary of the readings.
Week’s theme: Understanding the Structural Nature of Oppression through Racism
Readings(attached in files):
1. Sensoy & DiAngelo: Chapter 8 & 9 (Page166-205)
2. Cole, E. R. (2014). Intersectional psychology: (At least) three questions. In P.
R. Grzanka (Ed.). Intersectionality: A foundations and frontiers reader (pp. 323-331). Boulder, CO: Westview Press.
One page for each reading. Total two pages. Due before May 9, 1pm
For each one you must:
1. provide a brief summary of the authors’ main points
2. Analysis and respond critically to each reading
3. Mention and make connect to previous chapter’s”
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