training strategies

You are required to prepare a report.
You can select an organization of your choosing. You are required to:
1. Describe education and training strategies used with individual learners and learners in groups.
2. Explain the objectives and benefits of education and training for learners and organizations.
3. Evaluate environments used for education and training delivery concerning different learner and organizational needs.
4. Explain why education and training programs and activities must be managed to meet learner needs.
5. Evaluate theories of learning in relation to own practice and context.
6. Explain each of the component parts of the education and training cycle.
7. Analyze how different phases of the education and training cycle enhance the learner experience.
Task 1 of 3 – Report (ACs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4)
You are teaching in a large educational organization and you have been given responsibility for the monitoring and review of education and training programs within your area of specialism. You will need to carry out some initial research for scene-setting.
For the introductory overview, you are asked to prepare for senior managers, you are required to:
1. Explain the purpose of education and training programs.
2. explain the importance of learner feedback when developing education and training
3. Analyses how to manage risks when developing education and training programs.
4. Evaluate methodologies used to monitor and evaluate education and training programs.
As part of your continuing professional development, you are required to review your practice.
You are asked to prepare an initial report, to illustrate your understanding and application of reflective practice.
Your report should:
1. Explain what is meant by professional development.
2. Explain ways of overcoming barriers to professional development.
3. Evaluate different sources available for professional development.
4. Compare and contrast theories of reflective practice.
5. explain why education and training practitioners must engage in reflective practice and
Continuing professional development.
6. Analyses how to use reflective practice to improve performance.
Task 2 of 2 Reflection
You are asked to complete a report, specific to you and your education and training role, evaluating your teaching and assessment practice.
Your report should:
1. Identify current performance requirements relevant to your own practice.
2. Identify trends and developments relevant to your own skills, knowledge, and practice.
3. Analyses own skills, knowledge, and practice as an education and training practitioner.
4. Use feedback gathered from others to reflect on their own performance.
5. Assess the extent to which own practice is inclusive and promotes equality and diversity.
6. Evaluate where own skills, knowledge, and practice need updating or further development.
7. Priorities areas for own development as a practitioner.
8. Identify opportunities for further training and personal development.
9. Create a personal action plan to improve practice based on outcomes of reflection.
10. Apply new knowledge and skills to improve practice.
11. Review outcomes of development activities on own practice.
12. share knowledge, skills, and improvements to practice with colleagues where it is likely to be of benefit.
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