Training Framework

“As we conclude this course, submit an outline for a training framework for some aspect of diversity and an evaluation that you can use to indicate whether your learning outcomes have been met. While time limits us in completing the entire text, you will find information in Chapter 11 (Dimmock & Walker, 2005). There are other resources below that might be helpful. You should also do some research on your own as you prepare this assignment. As you design this framework, consider the following:
What is your rationale for designing the training? (Two or three paragraphs)
What is your training goal?
What will be your learning objective(s)?
What will you do to meet the objective(s)?(methods/activities)
What will be the results of your training?
How will you know if your learning objectives are met? (This will be the evaluation piece).
How will this training impact student learning?
What will you need to do to follow up on this training? (Two or three paragraphs)
A Reference Page if you use ideas and quotes from other sources.
I would like  to show this as a power point presentation  of 15-18 slides (15 slides minimum)  that I could use later in an actual training.  Please be sure to include graphics in the power point  presentation also – as graphics are required.
Required Text and Materials
Dimmock, Clive and Walker, Alan. (2005). Educational leadership: Culture and diversity. Sage Publishers.
ISBN-10: 076197170X
ISBN-13: 978-0761971702
Additional Resources for this Assignment
Video:The Dos and Don’ts of Cultural Sensitivity
Harvard Family Resource Project
Awareness Activities
Promoting Educators Cultural Competence to Better Serve Culturally Diverse Students (NEA Policy Brief)
(Please note that while I have not attached chapter 11 from the textbook, there are ample enough resources to complete the assignment.  If you still have questions once you have accepted the bid/assignment, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any additional questions.)
This assignment is due by 11:55 Eastern Time on Friday of Week 8.”
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