Topic: Ethical Issues in Juvenile Justice

Research Paper instructions Topic: Ethical Issues in Juvenile Justice First notes: Please consider this paragraph before you begin your research papers.  The term “articles” means either academic or practitioner specific sources. You cannot use junk science, popular magazine or blogs, newspaper or Wikipedia type sources.  Don’t use a small article-it will only hurt you. Select articles that are at least 3000-10,000 words long. This will give you enough information to use in your paper, making the entire process a bit easier overall.  Make a title and reference page, use 12 pt font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins. Professional and clean papers only please. Part 1. 10 points Include and/or address the following: -Author and title of article, -The name of the Journal you found it in -Is the article a study, position paper, new information, or persuasion paper? -Summarize the paper. -Describe the main idea of the article and why you think it was written. -How does the article end, what is the conclusion? -Identify what type of data is used in this paper (qualitative or quantitative) and explain why that type of data was used in this discussion. Part 2. 10 points Identify 3 things you learned or discovered from reading the article and how each might benefit you in your career. No summary statements here, speak about each thing individually. Part 3 10 points Develop 3 questions you would ask the author about this article if he or she were here in class and explain why you asked that question. Questions must be about the articles contents and connect to those contents to some aspect or material in the course. Part 4 . 5 points Explain 2 things you did not like about how the author wrote the article. How would you write it differently? This is your chance to be a critic so go for it
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