To develop advanced knowledge and understanding of information and entropy, and their use in information theory

The Learning Outcome for this written assessment is:
To develop advanced knowledge and understanding of information and entropy, and their use in information theory.
Produce a report as specified in the Submission Guidance section below on the topic chosen as described below. Select a few important papers and use these as the basis of a summary of the main ideas. You should try to identify strengths and weaknesses of the approaches in the literature and indicate how the subject is developing today. The report should typically be written in the style of an academic paper, containing an abstract, introduction, analysis, discussion, conclusion and reference list (at the end). Note that the conclusion should be the last thing that you write in the main body and should not just list what the work is about. A proportion should concern your findings and views with key points to give credibility. Note that it should utilise items taken mainly from previous sections and should not have any new information.
Further Guidance
The assignment is essentially a literature review; it should address the topic specified for your assignment and join the elements together, not just be a description. The ‘literature’ can include books, book chapters, journal articles, technical reports, conference proceedings, dissertations (Masters/PhD) and patents. Students should avoid referencing non peer-reviewed websites typified by Wikipedia. The references should have the complete details and be in a recognised and consistent style. The assignment should review and evaluate the relevant literature, including details of the progress made by others on the research topic and identification of the open challenges. It should not simply list prior work. It should present and critically evaluate the published literature that is
relevant to the topic. A ‘critical’ evaluation entails an objective appraisal, noting both the limits of prior studies as well as the advances made. For example, consider any underlying assumptions
adopted, technological advances or limitations and open research questions. Note that a small number of diagrams and a few equations may be used to illustrate the arguments and methods. Reference use – this is a common area of weakness. In an assignment references can be used to avoid charges of plagiarism and give credibility to your opinions by showing that someone else supports your views. A total of eight or more high quality references (peer reviewed material) are needed to score highly in this aspect. Note that you should not use unrefereed sources that are not generally available (such as the course notes for the module) as references.
Submission Guidance
Maximum length: 10 pages, to include figures, tables and references. Format: 12 point Calibri font and with 1.5 line spacings.
References: Required
Marks will be allocated:
Knowledge of Material Demonstrated
Discussion and Conclusion 25%
Use of literature 25%
Presentation of report 10%

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