To design and implement a simple Java brute force MD5 password into multithreading and distributed searching system

The password search need be speeded up by distributing the search effort
using numbers of server and thread, which can be located within a machine
and/or spread to different machines. Each of the servers and/or
threads starts the search at different search space, for example process/thread
1 starts the search with all the possible combination of 6-character password start
with character ‘!’, process/thread 2 start with character ‘A’. Each search should be
timed, and average search time should be reported according to different number
of processes/threads per server and number of servers used.
The use of virtual machine is strongly encouraged for this project. However, the
result could be slower compared to physical machine as virtual machine is sharing
limited computational resources with the host machine.
The allowed programming language is Java RMI ONLY and use the MD5.
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