Timed Essay- Assignment help

Academic English Skills
Timed Essay – Writing: 1 hour

Student name: Class name:

Answer the following essay question:
Outline the arguments for and against animal-testing. To what extent is testing on animals acceptable?
You should refer to information and arguments provided in the texts, as well as including your own ideas. You must not plagiarise (copy and paste) from the texts. You should attempt to paraphrase/summarise ideas and points from the texts in your own words.
Your essay should contain in-text citations. Remember you may need to cite the author of the text; for example: Smith (2016) states… or … (Smith, 2016). You may also need to use secondary citation, for example: According to Jones (2015, cited in Smith, 2016)... or … (Jones, 2015, cited in Smith, 2015).
If the date of the secondary source is not given in the text, use a citation like this: According to Jones (cited in Smith, 2016)…
You do not need to include an end of text reference.
Write a minimum of 250 words.
Your tutor will assess your writing skills by looking at the following:

Task Achievement: Whether the essay question has been fully answered, the inclusion of relevant information and whether points are supported with appropriate examples or data.
Organisation – Coherence and Cohesion: Clear and logical organisation of information with appropriate paragraph structure and a range of cohesive devices used accurately.
Grammatical range and accuracy: Using a range of grammatical structures, and mix of complex and simple sentences accurately.
Lexical range and accuracy: Using a range of vocabulary appropriate to the topic and reader accurately.
Academic Conventions
Using academic register and tone; demonstrating an ability to reference sources, paraphrase and summarise.

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