TikTok Operation and Security Threat

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Details about the breach indicate that the Chinese tech giant didn’t eliminate and discourage this invasive practice by TikTok.

However, I am skeptical of the deal’s outcome if it will proceed without the sale of the algorithms. While the parent algorithms completely change the outlook of what the buying companies are informing the public about personal privacy.

I believe much of the app’s value is based on the suggestion algorithms that make  users glued to the app.  While devoid of facilitating noninvasive industrial tactics by the Chinese tech giant.

Therefore, acquiring TikTok operations in the United States without eliminating the collection of clipboard data by its algorithms. It is like buying a fancy car with a cheap engine.

Additionally, the bidders can still acquire the app for its users and develop new app algorithms. The app has soared its popularity in the United States in the recent past. Reaching over 100 million monthly users in 2020 compared to about 11 million users in early 2018.

While most of the growth is attributed to its powerful algorithms built to quickly recommend a different type of content to its users according to their preferences, developing a new robust algorithm after acquisition can be a better deal.

II.Eliminating cloud computing security problem at TikTok

Installation of the Web Companion application by TikTok is the type of antivirus software that is designed for the protection of computers and personal accounts of users from the infections of malware and privacy breaches (Almorsy , 2016).

Lavasoft Web Companion is a software that was developed by the Lavasoft automatically installed on the computer and comes bundled with other applications.

However, many controversies are surrounding both the company and its software.

At the time of installation of the Apple’s iOS 14 eliminates the reliance on outdated Google advertising SDK. The installer gives the demand for permission for making the changes to the settings of the browser (Crossler, 2013). Have agreed with everything being not aware of the risks.

It is in the categorization of the Potential Unwanted Application as per the way developers have distributed it (Öğütçü, 2016). Web companion itself is a PUP, as it usually gets installed with shareware and freeware programs deceptively.

For a better, safer and lighter TikTok experience, Ad-Aware Web Companion completes the protection of your TikTok data and user information against current and recent malware and attacks by marking malware at the URL level before it is even downloaded to your PC [3].

The secure SDLC  with security engineering activities) claims that this prevents the user from being affected by malware and spyware.

tiktok security

III. Analysis of personal data and security behavior tendencies

Once a breach in privacy by individual users of TikTok has been detected, it should be notified immediately. Depending on the breach’s nature and individual awareness to security breaches at TikTok.  Individuals may be notified by telephone—email, letter, or person.

Information involving 500 people or more should be notified through email (Safa, Von Solms, and Furnell, 2016, pp.82). If most of the individuals’ contact information is out of date/the information should be posted on the hospital’s website’s page for 90 daysor the story should be posted on the local media.

A privacy investigation report is necessary to determine the extent of the breach and if complaints are reportable or not by individual users of TikTok. The report should include essential information regarding the circumstances of the violation.

Exhaustive information concerning the nature of the breach, how it happened, and the affected individuals should be included in the report (Siponen 2014, pp.219). It is crucial to determine if some of the user profile information has been disclosed to other parties.

Part of this report should include information on how the affected individuals can protect themselves from the breach and the organization’s role in ensuring that future breaches are prevented.

This is essential to improve the user profile’s trust in the hospital. The final part of the report involves contact details of the hospital where affected individuals can send their inquiries regarding the privacy breach [6].

Each user profile has a right to privacy and confidentiality, and the healthcare centre should ensure that all user profiles under their care are assured of their rights. User profiles have a right to lodge complaints against hospitals when their private health information is disclosed.

IV Employees’ approach to data, privacy and security policies at TikTok

Most companies including Bytedance ought to carry out a pre-employment evaluation of every job applicant. That is essential in maintaining security and preventing future financial losses.

The employers usually outsource their screening materials or content from third-party institutions specialized in background checks (Almorsy, Grundy, and Müller, 2016, n.p).

In some instances, state agencies like the FBI and the US Department of Transportation also provide employers with driving records and other investigating resources. In essence, pre-employment evaluation verifies the information provided in the application letters and resumes by applicants.


These investigations are essential in uncovering criminal tendencies and character flaws that could jeopardize the company, endanger other workers, tarnish its public image, and limit the candidate’s effectiveness (Safa, Vo, 2016, p).

In other words, it shows whether the company can entrust the employee with managing financial resources or protecting confidential and private information.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guides every pre-employment screening (Siponen, Mahmood, and Pahnila, 2014, pp.218). While companies may have legitimate concerns for conducting pre-employment evaluations, they should use the screening outcomes to discriminate individuals based on colour, religion, sex, race, age, or disability. In essence, the pre-employment screenings should be valid and legal in addition to relating to the applied job opportunity.

While a clearly-defined test sheds essential light on an applicant’s suitability and job fitness.a wrong evaluation could hurt their experience besides impeding the employer’s decision-making process.


Computers usage involves various risks, including technology abuse for terrorist activities, data protection, and misuse of technology and its influence on persons.

One of the significant areas of concern in computer systems is the query on the system’s security and information in a specific system (Crossler, 2013.

A question arises on the effect of people scanning through confidential information in TikTok. therefore, there is a great need to keep information secure from criminals’ reach.

Through various means, hackers try to obtain classified information through the computer taking advantage of the user’s imperfectionsfor instance.there is a tremendous application of computer usage in TikTok.

Unfortunately, they have become victims of hacker’s invasion [2]. Cybersecurity experts would not expose such information as their clients would lose confidence in them. The National Security Authority has included cybercrime in its plan covered by the cybersecurity Act.

Information security policy compliance model in organizations

The main objective of cybersecurity in TikTok is to establish a secure, transparent and protected space in the national cyber. Also, it is creating credibility, security, and reliability of confidential data and communication facilities. ell as providing assurance that it will act to provide the requisite protection in case of an attack (Almorsy, 2016).


In consideration of the current situation concerning cybersecurity in TikTok, the objective of the concept is to achieve the following state where:

-Security enlightening of all elements of the society is increasing systematically,

-The civil society, Academic and private sectors actively take Part in the implementation of TikTok policy in cybersecurity,

Efficient collaboration between internal and international levels at TikTok in terms of anticipating and preventing cybersecurity threats.

Adequate measures that provide for privacy protection and fundamental freedoms and rights of human beings.

Efficient coordination of national cyberspace and on the accepted basis.

The TikTok should be ready to deal with the increasing emerging issues in cyber threats. It also has information on the rising cases involving cyber threatswhich calls for collaboration with other organizations (Almorsy, 2016, n.p).

Cybersecurity at TikTok should be viewed as a subsystem of the national security. The TikTok intends to cooperate with all relevant organizations which do not restrict the utilization of cyberspace.

Hacking, information piracy, forgery, and stealing of identity can result in severe scenarios and complications in the lives of users. Worst of it, cybercrime can result in financial crisis and destruction of persons’ reputation and security.


In conclusion, cybersecurity experts indicate that users of TikTok are increasingly spending most of their time on the internet. Hence highly exposed to the risks of cybercrime; thus, it is crucial for protection against cyber risks.

here should be an installation of security patches and antivirus programs that are useful in all electronic gadgets with TikTok application . This can be done to protect the largest population of the TikTok against cybercrime in the modern-day digital society.

It is crucial to employ preventive measures in TikTok, especially for the older generation. This  is very vulnerable in matters related to the internet.

Preventive measures could be in the form of interactive lectures and educating the importance of cybersecurity awareness. This can be conducted in the form of posters, interviews, leaflets, and brochures to deal with prevention.

It is significant to keep the TikTok informed of the perennial threats and educate them on utilizing the internet. Therefore, security education in TikTok is vital.



TikTok faces potential threats in cyber security involve three crucial aspects: server, protection, end-user protection, and exposed attack surface, the primary approach to solve this is having web security KPI and malware protection.

Therefore, the best recommendation to give the TikTok is to heighten protection and effectiveness by agencies through the computer server and user sampling test. Further, regular penetration testing and vulnerability scanning are of fundamental essence in increasing surveillance for cyber threats and attacks.

Cybersecurity plays a vital role in providing security for people who use the internet via various electronic devices in their everyday lives. At times TikTok face several challenges when their devices and individual users connected through the internet. Susceptible information, for example, the military assets and Biotechnology, is highly threatened by hackers.

Cybersecurity serves a crucial role in providing security for such information. Abuse of social media application including TikTok has become an issue of great concern in a significant number of aspects of life, especially in public administration.


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[6]  TikTok Secretly Spying On Millions Of iPhone Users | A major TikTok security issue detected by Apple

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