SWOT Analysis for Tik-Tok

I need you to complete essay on Tik-Tok i.e swot analysis, PESTLE analysis for Tik-Tok.
1.Please give a Brief introduction for Tik-Tok what is it?
2.where will Tik tok be in next 5 years please speculate in reference to Facebook stock analysis.
3.How has the Tik-Tok performed in the last few years and how is it unique to other social media
4. Please provide SWOT Analysis  and also PESTLE analysis for Tik-Tok.
5.Does the removal /ban of Tik-Tok in the USA economy will it affect anything or will it have any consequences on the growth of the company.
6.In relationship to the data mining which is the leading population in owner ship of the Tik-Tok.

tik-tok swot analysis

Above questions are in SWOT analysis etc.

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