This is for high school grade Robotic/Manufacturing Class In Connecticut State I will be using Portfolio Assessment rubric

“Your selected Indicator and Notes:
This is for high school grade Robotic/Manufacturing Class In Connecticut State
I will be using Portfolio Assessment rubric in this class Justify what you gained or learned through using portfolio assessment and how it improves student performance and how students changed or otherwise has, also use data from Connecticut education department as applicable. What improvement will you make to make better? Also site about 2 or 3 theory related to Portfolio assessment
Your focus is Indicator 2 – Uses a comprehensive set of data that provides depth and breadth of understanding of student achievement at a particular point in time and over time.
When I came in the students had a problem with articulating what they know with the actual practical application of concept taught in class to solving regular daily problems.
I will modify the portfolio rubric been used for student assessment in my manufacturing class as continuous field back is obtained from the students.
I will observe other teachers and see how I will learn within their class and integrate math, physics, and marketing into the portfolio rubricÂ
As a result of ctivities students will raise their performance to a higher level of performance
Your total word count including your Goal and Initial Summary is: 191 (max 3500)
Goal (words: 51 )
Initial Summary (words: 140 )
I realized that students are assessed based on the theoretical base and previous knowledge leaving them with lack of practical knowledge that can be used to extend their learning. Based on multiple measures I will be using portfolio assessment rubrics which includes competency scoring as the student progresses with ECO – manufacturing course curriculum, I will use the feedback from the portfolio assessment to learn how to modify the rubric to further help the students in increasing their organizational, behavioral, aptitude skills, with detailed evidence and examples based on practical rubrics.
I will also do a class observation of other teachers within the school to learn how I can implement any strategy observed or gained from their class observation to improve my teaching and instruction methodology. I will read textbook on portfolio assessment and classroom differentiation of instruction for students
NOTE: Please find a similar writing sample as attached as a file”
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