This is a large individual assignment. As you will learn, not only is cultural intelligence essential to working in travel and tourism industry

This is a large individual assignment. As you will learn, not only is cultural intelligence essential to working in travel and tourism industry, but it can further be developed through a variety of actions and experiences that do not always require work abroad. For this assignment, students will utilize the CQ assessment to create and fulfill a plan to begin the process of increasing each distinct area of their cultural intelligence. Students will utilize class readings, videos and discussion to devise the best plan for themselves and then will be required to execute this plan. Students will then craft a nine to twelve-page double spaced report detailing this process.
Report Sections:
1. For the first part of your report, you will analyze your prior CQ assessment. Based on the survey and your knowledge of CQ, explain what overall values for each CQ area mean for you personally. Why might you rank higher in one area of CQ as opposed to another? Are there any experiences (job or personal) that might provide an explanation of differing levels of CQ?
2. The second piece of your report will outline strategies you will undertake to increase each CQ component. It is essential that you utilize your CQ assessment to guide this section. Some areas of CQ may require greater effort to improve based on your CQ assessment. You will need to refer readings, videos and class discussion to find well tested means for improving CQ in each area to design strong strategies.
3. The third section will be a summary of how you operationalized your strategies for improving each component of your personal CQ. I recommend keeping notes of what you did so you provide a detailed summary of your actions. Make sure when completing this third section that you link your actions back to your strategies, and the theory that underlies these strategies.
4. The final section of this report will require a reevaluation of your CQ and discussion of what you did to improve your personal CQ. Based on the reevaluation, discuss why your CQ may have improved in one area, while it did not in another. Some things to consider but not limited to are what do you think you could have done better? Why did some strategies seem to work better than others? What are your feelings on the experience of trying to improve CQ? What are future efforts you can make to better improve your CQ

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