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Flip through the channels on your television this week and find a show that has popular music as an essential ingredient. We are looking for regular television shows that put popular music front and center. Examples are:
• American Idol
• Glee
• The Voice
• America’s Got Talent
• Disney Channel shows like Jonas L.A. or Hannah Montana
Sit back on your couch, watch the show, and answer the following questions:
• What is the role of the music in the show?
• How is the popularity of the music on this show affecting the music market? (For instance, does it drive the consumer to iTunes or
• What is the demographic the show is trying to reach?
• How does the music help the audience (you and I) connect with the show?
• Could the show be produced without music? How important is it? What would happen without it?
• Are their similarities between this show and shows of the past such as The Ed Sullivan Show which introduced music and new musical acts to the American masses?
• What was your personal reaction to the show and the music? Did it hook you in? Did you enjoy it? Would you watch it again?
This is a low-stress assignment. Simply answer the questions. A page will do. There is no need for citations.
Submit your answers to the above questions to the W4: Popular Music on TV
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