Thesis Proposal Content

  1. Title:
  • Title should be breifly described, expressing the thesis content in Arabic and English as well
  • The main title can include a subtitle.

 Research Problem: (About 300 words).

  • The resarch problem expresses the study’s main topic, its dimensions, motives, nature, which can provoke a series of questions revealing the research’s necessity, scientific gap, lack of knowledge.  It also deals with a  topic deficiency in acurrent knowledge-based interpretation which needs an improvement, creating an integration towards the findings of similar literture reviews.It is preferred to talk about the reseach  problem at the end of the paragraph, in a form of a declarative statement or question.

 Research Objectives: (About 50 words).

  • The resarch objetives specify the purpose of the study and describe what the ressearch is expected to achieve by a project.
  1. Importance of the Reserach: (About 175 words).
  • This explains the scientific and practical value, if any, on the completion of the research’s objectives. 
  1. Literature Review: (About 500 words).
  • A literature review discusses critically published information in a particular subject area, and usually has an organizational pattern and combines both summary and synthesis.
  1. Hypothesis: (About 75 words), (if necessary).
  • It is a form of logical prediction or temporary solutions verified by the research via:

(A) Procedures and research’s scientific, analytical and logical steps.
(B) Statistical evidences and proofs.

  1. Research Methodology and Procedures: (About 250 words).
  • To identify the method used through the units of analysis, research community, research sample, research tools, statistical handling(if required).
  • To describe the procedural steps in how to treat the search. 
  1. Research Limitations: (About 50 words).
  • The limitations of the study are those characteristics of design or methodology that impacted or influenced the interpretation of the findings from your research.
  1. Study’s Overall Structure: (About 100 word).
  • Suggests dividing the study into chapters and sections.
  • Identifies the proposed timetable for the study’s overall execution. 
  1. Expected Findings: (About 50 word).
  • This is a brief presentation of the research’s probable findings, thier fields, cognitive additional content, benefieciary sectors, extent of the application of the findings and thier impact upon the community service and the environment progress. 
  1. Definition of Terms: (About 150 words), (if necessary).
  • This refers to the list of the most significant scientific terms used in the study, if needed. 
  1. Research and References: (About 250 words).
  • They include a list of preliminary relevant sources and references that wereused in the study. This must bedone in compliance with the priciples of the Manual of Scientific Thesis Writing, approved by the university.

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