Theory paper

“This assignment addresses the following NAEYC Standards:
Knowing and understanding of the multiple influences on the development and learning of children.  [NAEYC Standard 1b]
Using developmental knowledge to create healthy, respectful, supportive, and challenging learning environments [NAEYC Standard 1c]Â
Demonstrate your professionalism, through continuous, collaborative learning to inform practice. [NAEYC Standard 6c]
Mastering and applying foundational concepts from general education [NAEYC Supportive Skill 2]
Written and verbal skills [NAEYC Supportive Skill 3]
Making connections between prior knowledgeable/experience and new learning [NAEYC Supportive Skill 4]
Identifying and using professional resources [NAEYC Supportive Skill 5]
Course Competency: 1, 5, 12
For this assignment you will compose your own theory of child development.Â
Your paper will be a minimum of 2 pages [less than 2 pages will not be graded] in length and include the following:
An interesting and thoughtful Introduction:
Name your theory of child development. Briefly describe the main concepts in three to five sentences. Provide a transition into the main body of report.
Main Body of Report:
Your views of the issues impacting development:
Explain and reflect:
Do you believe early experiences (especially in infancy) or later experiences have more of an impact on a child development?
If young children experience negative circumstances early in life, can they be overcome by later, positive ones?
Your views of the determinants of development:
Explain and reflect:
How do you feel about the nature vs. nurture controversy?
Do you think nature/genetics plays a part in development or nurture/environment or both?
Your views of the Theories of Influence:
Why are you influenced by certain concepts/theories and why you omitted others?
Are there certain theorists ex. Freud, Erikson, Piaget, etc. that you agree with or disagree with and why?
Which theory best reflects your own theory of child development and why?
A Conclusion which:
Summarizes how you would use your own theory in everyday work to support young children
How your theory of child development relates back to your own personal experiences
Explain your views citing at least two references from your assigned reading
Information for your paper will be based upon any of the following sources:
Class discussions, activities, and lectures
Readings from the textbook
Readings from research articles
Readings from internet research articles
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