Thematic Analysis Essay of Acts Part II

“Thematic Analysis Essay 2, Acts 8:1

In an essay of at least 875 words, analyze the thematic development of this second movement of the book of Acts. While this is not an exclusive list, be sure to address the following elements:
1. How does this segment develop the theme of the geographical/ethnic advance of the proclamation of the gospel presented in the key verse of the book, Acts 1:8? Trace the development of this theme through this section of Acts.
2. What other major themes are developed in Acts 8-12 (of the themes identified by Fowler in his video presentation The Key Themes of Acts)? Trace the development of each theme as applicable.
3. Luke twice records the evangelistic encounter of Peter with Cornelius and his household in chapters 10 and 11. Read the account of what Peter said to the household of Cornelius and identify the core elements of Peters preaching of the gospel to Gentiles. How do these compare to the core elements you identified in Peters preaching to the Jews in the first movement of the book of Acts?
4. There is a definite transition in the audience of the gospel in these chapters. Trace that transition. (Remember that it is geographical, religious, and ethnic.)”
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