The purpose of this assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to practice revising an essay and identifying common mistakes found in essays.Revise the provided poorly written essay using what you have learned in this course. Consider the following issues as you revise the essay: I have attach below.Correct grammar errors such as run-on sentences, fragments, first person usage, and incorrect usage of spelling, commas, colons, semicolons, and quotation marks.Correct issues in the title page, introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, conclusion paragraph, and reference page.Make your revisions directly to the poorly written essay in one of the following ways:Use the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word.Highlight the changes using the highlight function in Microsoft Word.Make changes using a noticeably different font color. Discussion 2 Watch “Ethnic Notions: African American Stereotypes,” Discuss the following with your peers in 150 wordsWhat stereotypes does this film examine?Discuss when these stereotypes emerged?Do these stereotypes exist today? Where? How?
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