The project is worth 150 points and will count as your final exam for this class

“The project is worth 150 points and will count as your final exam for this class.
There are two parts to the project the list of books and then the activities done with children!
Find ten (10) books that could be used to encourage health, safety and nutrition.List the books by the name of the book and then put the information into a bibliography form (you can use any form you like, but YOU MUST LIST A BIBLIBGRAPHY).  By that, I mean listing the author, publisher, etc. like you learned in your English classes.  Then give a brief description of the book. You do NOT have to have the books.  You can find them in a library, on-line, in your textbooks, etc. Â But you have to know what the books are ABOUT!
Next you will pick two books (must be from different categories) and read the books to a group of children in a classroom setting–not a home situation. Â You can do this in two different settings or both on the same day. Â Answer the questions listed below in the format for the reading activity.  Remember that you can use Internet sources to enrich the theme of a book.  For example, if you read a book about brushing your teeth, you may find a short, video on brushing teeth that would add to the activity.
General health issues such as taking care of teeth, bathing, etc. (2 books)
Eating healthy foods (3 books)
Going to the doctor, dentist, hospital, etc. (3 books)
Safety issues such as fire, electricity, etc. (2 books)
Total:  10 books
Book Format:  (You should have 10 of these one for each book in each category). Number each one and then put your answer!
1.  Title of book and author
2.  Bibliography for the book
3.  Description of the book
4.  Where you would use this book (in what unit of study or focus area)
5. Â Give some objectives you would wish to get across to the children by reading this book (for example, a child is going to the dentist for the first time and you want to lessen the child anxiety)
Reading Activities Format: (You should submit two of these one for each book that you choose to read to a group of children.) Â Remember that you only have to read TWO (2) books to the children not all ten! Â Number and then put your answer!
1.  Title of the book and author
2.  Description of the book
3.  Location of where you did the activity
4.  List the number of children and the ages of the children
5.  List objectives for your reasons for reading this particular book (what you want them to learn).
6.  How did the children respond to the book?
7.  What were some of the questions and/or comments made by the children? Â BE SPECIFIC! Â Do not say, They enjoyed the book!
8. Â Reflect on the activity. Â Tell your own thoughts about the effectiveness of using this particular book. Â Did the children understand the book? Did using the book accomplish what you wanted to accomplish?  Would you use this book again?  Why or why not?  You are NOT limited to these questions, but your reflection should be a carefully thought out response to the activity. I will not accept generic comments that do not reflect thought on your part.  Please do not put that you enjoyed the activity, the children enjoyed the activity, you would not change anything, etc.  That takes no thought and is not the purpose of the reflection.  Make the paragraph a true reflection of your thoughts about what you did.”
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