The effects of climate change on biodiversity

The effects of climate change on biodiversity
Research Paper
Write a paper with a minimum of 1200 words, not including a title page and a reference page. This will be about 6-7 pages.
Do not include the proposal, outline and annotated bibliography. These were planning components designed to get you started and working on your topic.
Grading will be based on how closely you followed these instructions:

  1. Your development of your topic.
  2. Relevance to biology.
  3. Use and credibility of sources, documentation, and writing mechanics (spelling, grammar, punctuation and style).
  4. Your paper and documentation should be formatted in APA style.

Grading Rubric:

  1. Clarity of writing (20%) -Do your sentences and paragraphs make sense? Do they clearly deliver your point about the topic that you are writing about? Does one paragraph flow into the next one in a logical manner?
  2. Presentation of original thoughts (40%) -Your paper will not be a collection of direct quotes from the book or online articles. Use those sources along with your individual thought process to develop an original answer to the questions. NOTE: Direct quotes should be sparingly used and shall not constitute most of your responses. Do not make the mistake of ignoring this advice.
  3. Integration/understanding of course materials (20%) -Your reading assignments covered many different topics under the large umbrella of Biology. When you successfully make connections between what you read and what you write, you are demonstrating your understanding of the material presented. Some questions may require little connection to textbook materials, while others might call for more.
  4. Proofing:-Format/Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation (10%) -Your paper shall be double-spaced and completed using a 12 point, Times New Roman font with standard 1” margins. Paragraphs should focus on single ideas and then progress to the next logical topic. The number of words or pages you write will depend on how thorough your answer is as well as how concisely you answer it. It is not necessary to write excessively, however. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation can be resolved through careful attention when writing. A final document check using your word processing software will assist you in correcting anything you missed. This is not an English 101 course but writing at a level reflective of a college course is required.
  5. Use of citations and references (10%) The sources of any material in your paper that are not your own thoughts must be cited. The citations may be done in APA parenthetical style (ex. Maloney, 2019) or using Turabian superscript and end notes style (ex. β€œThe sky is blue3). Microsoft Office/Word contains a reference/citation function that is very effective in handling these tasks. Here is a short video that can help set that up for you in Word:

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