The effect of Electronic Word-of Mouth (E-WOM) on consumers purchasing decisions: A case of Instagram Social media influencers

Title: The effect of Electronic Word-of Mouth (E-WOM) on consumers purchasing decisions: A case of Instagram Social media influencers
Research Proposal
1 Researchable Topic Area: you should include background and issue(s) underlying the research (approximately 400words):
2 Objectives for the Research and research questions: you should state 3-4 maximum research objectives,relating to academic theories, your proposed investigation, your analysis and your conclusions (approximately 150 words):
3 Literature Review: you should identify and discuss the academic theories and some current research relevant to your researchable topic area. You should use in text citations, APA reference style and add a full reference list in Section 8 (approximately 1050 words).
4 Research Methods: (a) Identify who or what you will use to obtain data or information (b) Explain how you will collect this data / information and how you will get access (c) Identify how you are going to analyse your data / information (approximately 1050 words).
5 Research ethics: – if your study involves people, briefly describe what you will consider in order to ensure that your research follows the University’s Ethical Policies and Procedures, for example, individual consent and / or organisational consent. If your study involves secondary data only, you should advise us of any ethical issues or the absence of any ethical issues (approximately 150 words).
6 Conclusions: you should describe what your research will achieve by referring back to your objectives in Section 2 (approximately 300 words):
7 Timetable for your research: you should cover the whole period of time available (by month). You should indicate below when you are going to work on various parts of your dissertation, for example, your literature review, your collection of data / information, your analysis of the data / information, your conclusions and final revisions of your dissertation. Set this out in a table as follows
Month Dissertation Activity (parts)
Month here Description of work to be undertaken here
Month 2 Etc…
Month 3
8 Reference List – in APA style.

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