The Context of the Classroom Setting

“Action Research for Educators
Assignment: The Context of the Classroom Setting Project Essay
Begin your 2 page  Action Research Project essay document by developing the following part: Using APA style and references.
Part A: The Context of the Classroom Setting
1. What is your action Research question as a reading specialist?
2. Develop a contextual summary that clearly describes the background information of the problem, issue, dilemma, or idea you selected. Reminder: Your topic must be directly related to the content of your MSED specialization such as reading specialist.  Be sure to explain the following in your contextual summary:
The continued challenge, issue, idea, or dilemma that  is important to you that relates to P-12 student learning in your  classroom or learning environment where you have control.
The background information, including student data that informed the problem, such as:
Past and current data related to the context of the problem.
Past student work samples  to help illustrate the problem.
The context of your classroom setting in a way for  others to understand your rationale for choosing this topic to pursue for  your research. Be sure to include a discussion of data you collected from  the classroom and scholarly research from the literature that supports  your decision to pursue this journey of inquiry.
Helpful References
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