The application of Knowledge management for effective team performance in smart enterprises

Topic:-The application of KM for effective team performance in smart enterprises
Dig a little deeper into the potential relationship among the three concepts (KM, team performance, Smart Enterprises) to determine exactly what to write about. Again, it should be novel (enough) and should make some contribution to understanding, practice, or theory.
Research statement:
• In this research, I will start off by understanding knowledge management (KM) and its components. The application of KM in team management and its effects on team performance will be studied and presented.
• Following a review of current publications on this topic, a practical framework to apply and use KM within organizational settings will be developed. Major elements, contributing factors, and effecting parameters within this domain will be identified.
• Team performance in smart enterprises will be reviewed and assessed. I will also provide data on how KM and team performance is different in smart enterprises. Then a best practice recommendation set, or guidelines, will be derived and developed.
• This research tries to investigate how KM can be used to address the problem of team management in smart enterprises while maximizing team-efficiency and organizational-productivity.
• The findings provide managers with a valuable [practical] tool to ensure high productivity within their organizations.
So, in general, I have to be able to do ONE of the followings:
1. Develop a review and research agenda on some aspect of CI and/or smart enterprises
2. Develop a design for a ‘smart artifact’ (e.g. system or model in some context)
3. Develop and ‘apply’ an innovative research approach for strategic intelligence and/or smart enterprises
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