Text analysis

The table below highlights the findings of the number and percentage of the different processes

Transitive Intransitive Dependent/Embedded Intendant Actor Experience Sayer Token Goal Experience Receiver Verbiage Value Material Process Active Passive Ergative Relational Process Mental Process Verbal Process
Mr. Trump, who is still contagious, [[removed his mask on the balcony]] ||of the White House, while posing for pictures. Several of Mr. Trump’s staff and aides have also tested positive for the virus in recent days.
  Mr. Trump
And virus
  The virus          
Transitive clause
Independent clause
The leader Mr. Trump`s staff   has also tested positive    
Kinds of processes New York Times ( COVID-19)
Number of processes Percentage of process Agentive Affectedness Ergative
Material processes 16 69% 6 6 5
Mental processes 2 8%
Relational processes 3 13%
Verbal processes 2 8%
Kinds of processes New York Times (White House)
Number of processes Percentage of process Agentive Affectedness Ergative
Material processes 9 40% 4 6 4
Mental processes 1 4%
Relational processes 7 31%
Verbal processes 5 22%

The findings of the number and percentage of the different clauses

New York Times (White House) New York Times (COVID-19)
Clauses Number of Clauses Proportion Number of Clauses Proportion
Number of Clauses 20 22
Number of independents 10 52% 7 35%
Number of Dependent Clauses 5 26% 5 25%
Embedded Clauses 4 21% 8 40%

While posturing for selfies, Mr. Trump, who is always irresistible, took out his veil from the White House gallery while posing for photographs. His PCP said that he would continue with treatment from that point on, and he “would not be free and clear yet.” As of late, some of Mr. Trump’s representatives and assistants have tried positive for the infection. Concerns persist about the extent of Mr. Trump’s illness despite a few days of opposing comments. On Tuesday, his first morning back in the White House, the president spoke to Twitter to equate Covid-19 with seasonal influenza. He said, “The influenza season is coming!” “Would we suggest we’re going to shut our nation down? No, we’ve worked out how to live with it, just as we’re working out how to live with Covid.” With 210,000 deaths and 7.4 million episodes, Covid-19 remains the nation most seriously influenced by the US. This season triggered the virus, as per government gauges, somewhere in the range of 24,000 and 62,000 passing in the US between 1 October 2019 and 4 April 2020. Mr. Trump’s dedication turned around his mission for the second term in office, not exactly a month until the Republican president faces Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the official campaign. For the evaluation of an article published in The New York Times called “US President Donald Trump has made a dramatic re-visitation of the White House to continue his care for Covid-19 after a three-night clinic stay,” a linguistic investigation of cycles and participants and their comprehension will be recalled.
The linguistic analysis showed that the procedures are remembered for material, verbal, social, and mental cycles. For the study, an aggregate of 20 conditions are placed, 10 of which are autonomous, five are unforeseen, and four are implanted based provisions. By an audit of the conditions, material cycles assume a focal role, as it prevails in this substance, where there are 10 of 19 at 52 percent. What’s more, at a much slower pace, various cycles turn up. Even though it is used less often than the substance ones, the second most well-known is enthusiastic. The verbal one that occurs numerous times comes at that point, and the enthusiastic one is the least. Because of the high recurrence use of material cycles, the members follow up on various bodies or the other way around. For example,’ on Tuesday, his first morning back in the White House, the president spoke to twitter to equate Covid-19 to influenza.’ This phrase consists of two remarks, the first being unexpected and the second separated. In this case, as it is intransitive, the participant of the central ‘Trump’ clause is a less agentive human entertainer following up on himself through the ‘showed up’ scheme.
Nonetheless, the resulting clause is an independent condition and is transitive. As it follows up on and affects the ‘Twitter’ target through the ‘showered’ complex content loop, the entertainer ‘leader [[[[of the United States]]’ is agentive. In this article, there are eight other occasions for office entertainers and seven affected target areas. There are four examples of terms for ergative action, too. The unprecedented output of the material cycles suggests that physical activity takes responsibility when the transition movement has occurred. As shown by ownership, they are static periods on account of social periods, as in the clause'[to be United States land]], quality and character. “Here the columnist utilizes the social processes that quote Bassem Youssef’s Twitter message,” The Island is for a billion, the pyramids are for two, and with two present sculptures on top, they arrive harshly and mockingly.
Mental action words were used only once in the two subordinate clauses installed'[[[who is said to have Corona Virus]][[COVID-19]]’ to affirm that Trump has Corona Virus. In the investigation, most of the entertainers identified were Egyptians, which is reflected in their negative outlook towards traveling. The entertainers usually allude to either the arranged option or the Egyptian band. Similarly, we will play out a linguistic analysis here with the previous content study. This time on an article on CNN called “Moving Red Sea Islands delights new York individuals.” A point-by-point gander at the tactics alongside the participants, including quantities of statements, effects, or meaning, which would provide a decent picture of the pieces.  22, comprising nine autonomous views, seven ward provisions, and five implanted claims, are the full amount of conditions used. The seven provisions compare the material, social, and verbal cycles at 5 and 8 in an acceptable manner. Once again, like the previous one, this content shows the incomparability of material cycles 7 out of 20 at a 35 percent rate compared to verbal processes six at a rate of 40 percent, 25 percent of 8 social cycles at that point. It was in comparison with the previous one. This article also has twice the quantity of verbal cycles concerning the primary inquiry but beats the first by one social process. The high recurrence usage of the material cycle is due to the way that it applies to the members following up on or offering up to various elements due to transitive action terms or on itself, while intransitive, where there are five office entertainers, seven affected destinations and five terms of ergative action. Further nominalization jobs indicate that the two players have agreed on and accepted the option to transfer. The verbal cycles also represent a more romantic outlook and say that CNN is the islands’ owner, and the two nations invited the complementary interpretation in this way. Useful functional language demonstrates the language’s style by field (experiential significance), tenor or relational, and mode, irrespective of whether the text is written or spoken. In experiential malfunction, which is a quality usually found in the vault of papers and magazines, the two articles’ semantic space or subject is by all accounts mainstream and recognizable to general society. The tenor of these distributed papers reveals that they are non-intuitive, where the top post’s speaker, Declan Walsh, gets to know the crowd to ensure the result. The subsequent essayist is in a position to praise the popular understanding. The speakers depend on correct verification put together by each group. The two papers have all the verifiably emotional earmarks on account of the preliminary report, either anger or recognition in the second. The open portion of the two speakers’ locations is to decide on the case, regardless of whether it is negative or positive. In both diaries, a composed book is the mode of literary malfunction. As there is no intuitiveness, the general public does not have a timely evaluation of the topic until transmitted. All in all, they share comparable punctuation and comparative structures of situations, but with more nominalization in the second, after careful investigation of the two writings based on a similar subject, even though they have contrasting perspectives on the matter. The main text is based on a worldwide viewpoint that aims to demonstrate a distinction, in contrast to the subsequent article composed by a columnist from the territory who specifically stressed the mutual engagement between the two nations.

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