terrorism III

“Write a minimum three-page, double-spaced paper summarizing the effects of  the use of Agent Orange not only on the victims, but also on the families and communities in which victims live as well as the  citizens of Vietnam.
Your paper should discuss:
signs  and symptoms;
time span between exposure and symptom expression;
mode of exposure (injection, inhalation, cutaneous, etc.), prevention,  and  treatment with statistical data;
locality impacts (weather, location, population, etc.);
sociological  impacts;
scientific data and research techniques;
technology and development; and
counteraction  strategies.
Your case study must fully comply with APA requirements,  which means that the case study must include an APA formatted cover page with  the APA running head, APA headings (Introductory heading, intermediate headings,  and a conclusion), APA formatted in-text citations for all direct quotes and  paraphrased information, and an APA formatted reference section with the heading, references, centered above that reference section on a separate last  page. The cover and reference pages do not count toward the total page  requirement.”
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