terrorism 5 journal

“As the Director of  Homeland Security, you are faced with determining the  seriousness of threats from countries such as North Korea. The dirty bomb is a major concern one must  consider when mitigating terrorist attacks against  targets within the United  States and with its interests abroad. Terrorists can  access nuclear waste even  in the United States, and nuclear waste is readily  available in countries which  already possess an inherent hatred for the United  States such as Iran, Pakistan,  China, Russia, and North Korea. Consider how  easy is it for terrorists to gain. control of nuclear waste to enable the  creation of dirty bombs, considering the  fact that even the United States is  struggling with nuclear waste disposal.
What steps can you  offer to mitigate this problem of terrorists using dirty  bombs in the United  States or against U.S. interests abroad? What do you  believe needs to be done to  ensure the U.S. infrastructure is protected against  such threats?  Explain.  Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No  references or citations  are necessary.”
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