Term Paper Outline

“*This is a two part assignment and is worth two payments. I am looking for one person to do both parts.  I will make a separate post once this part is completed.
*All is needed for part one is  the outline to this term paper.
*Outline Topic/Topic For Term Paper
Bad Girls: Representations of Race, sexuality gender of women in Popular Culture. My paper will be about how popular culture generates and articulates our understandings of gender and sexuality and their intersections with race and class.
*Please follow instructions below to write outline. That way you can use it to write the paper effectively.
For the term paper, you will analyze a popular cultural topic related to gender or ethnicity (or the intersectionality of the two).Your task will be to 1) explain how this phenomenon or issue topic is a part of popular culture and 2) explain its communication and sociological significance. To do this, you should review a variety of literature (including a minimum of four scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles) on the topic. Links to some scholarly articles are below.
In addition to utilizing the scholarly literature, you can use popular news sources so that you can compare and contrast the content of the popular sources to the scholarly sources.  The Library website provides examples of both.
Format of the Paper:
I expect this paper to be approximately 800 words (excluding references page), typed and double-spaced, with a 12-point traditional font and standard 1-inch margins.
Papers must utilize APA style citations and references, and they must include in-text citations and a References list at the end (list only sources cited in the text of your essay). In other words, in-text citations must match sources in your References list.  I will not review any outlines that do not have citations and a references list.
Do not include a title page. Put topic at the beginning of paper.
Student names should appear in the page headers and page #s should appear in the footings.”
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