Technical writer required for project involving file extensions

I have a project that needs the help of someone with the following skills: – Familiarity with computer terminology (preference for a background in computer science) – Knows their way around a search engine – Has native fluency in English This is a long-term and ongoing project. There is training involved so I will only hire you if you are available at least for the next six months; I will provide you with batches of queries. These will be Google spreadsheets that you will be tasked with filling out. Typically, you will require up to an hour to finish a single query. > The project budget is for a single batch of 15 queries. A query will have several programs associated with it. Your task will be to identify these programs and describe them. > There will be more batches in the future. – – – To better understand your skills at research and language comprehension, please answer the following questions: 1. When searching by keyword for articles in a database you should: A) Expect to sort through a long list of results B) Your search in the form of a question C) Choose words or short phrases that describe your topic D) Just look at the first page of the results list 2. Answer the three questions below by stating the part of the sentence that is incorrect. If there is nothing wrong with the sentence, please reply with “no error”. A) A teak tree is mainly used for their lumber. This is a tropical hardwood species which grows best in deep alluvial soil. Its development is sharply affected in poor-light conditions. B) It is easy to determine why certain birds migrate south for the winter, since food availability is connected with their migratory patterns. C) The largest pyramid to be constructed in Mesoamerica, at a site which would later become part of Mexico, were built of cut stone by the Aztecs between the years BCE 300 and CE 1000. 3. Since you are knowledgeable with computers, please search for information on this file extension: CFS. In at least 100 words, please describe the file extension. Submissions will be checked for plagiarism. — Please include *only* the following information in your bid: 1. Relevant experience 2. Test answers Please start your bid with the word ‘Research’.

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