Technical Specifications and Proposal Requirements An online e-learning platform

Technical Specifications and Proposal Requirements
An online e-learning platform
Target users: Health care professionals – general practitioners (mainly in primary
care), nurses and dentists
Website text, training videos, reading materials, assessment content, support
materials, evaluation content, links of important resources will be provided by Client.
Interested freelancer needs to provide a technical proposal. The technical proposal
should include an overall production plan that satisfy the specification.
A website for accessing training materials
1. The website and electronic certificates should be in a good layout and tailormade
graphic design
2. Users can access this website with any desktop computers, tablets and
3. Users need to use their email address to register, and login to the website with a
4. In the website, users can access reading materials (9-12 learning modules),
watch view-only videos, complete online assessment and download support
5. Users can view their user profile, registration details, and learning progress in
the website.
a. Each learning module includes an online assessment including web-based multiple
choice questions. Users are allowed to attempt unlimitedly. In each attempt, they will
get feedback on each answered question. Upon correctly answering 70% of higher of
the multiple choice questions in one learning module, the system sends an electronic
mini-certificate to the user’s email account.
b. If users collect the mini-certificates in 3 core learning modules, they will receive an
E- certificate A via email.
c. If users correctly answer the multiple choice questions in all learning modules, the
website will send an E-certificate B to the users’ email account.
Website evaluation:
a. In the registration page, users are required to complete a pre-training survey
questionnaire before successful registration.
b. After watching each video in any learning module, users will be prompted to
answer one short question on the satisfaction.
c. After correctly completing an assessment in any module, users are requested to
complete a very short questionnaire for receiving the module mini-certificate.
d. After 3 months of registration, the system will send a notification email to the
users to complete a post-training survey questionnaire. This post-training survey
questionnaire can be accessed in the training website.
Design of electronic certificates
a. Each module includes an electronic mini-certificate to award the users who
correctly answers all questions in that module.
b. If user collects the mini-certificates in the 3 core modules, he/she will receive Ecertificate
A via email.
c. If user collects the mini-certificates in all the modules, he/she will receive Ecertificate
B via email.
d. All certificates require good layout and tailor-made graphic design, and need to
include users’ full name.
Membership Login System Admin
– Add / remove member
– Edit member information
– Store member record on database
– Export member record in excel format
– Access to the Content Management System
– Register by email and email confirmation
– Request login while enter the website
Content Management System
Support admin to edit future content and teaching material
-Add / remove banners and set URLs
-Add / remove training modules, videos, reading materials, assessment content and
support materials
-Add / remove meta tag keywords and description on every pages for Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) purpose
Back-end for data collection and evaluation
Administrators can login to the online platform to view and download the following
data/report in csv/excel files
1. Users’ registration details, log of viewing the videos, log of downloading the
reading materials
2. Users’ assessment attempt log and results
3. Pre-training survey data
4. Data of short surveys after each modules
5. 3-month follow-up survey data
6. Record of sent certificates
Technical specification
a. English and Traditional Chinese language versions
b. The website must use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Responsive Web Design
c. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly
d. The website must be in HTML5, WC3, PHP, MySQL standard
e. The website (front-end) must support below browser in desktop, tablet and
o Chrome
o Firefox
o Edge
o Internet Explorer 9 or above
o Safari
o Default browser for mobile devices running iOS 8.0 or above
o Default browser for mobile device running Android 4.0 or above The CMS must
support below browser:
o Chrome
o Firefox
o Edge
o Internet Explorer 9 or above
f. The development platform, server OS, programming language and source code
would allow modification and further development by a third party.
g. All website source code will be provided to Client
h. Web Hosting System Specifications Requirement (PHP)
– Linux hosting environment
– Web server support PHP 5.5 or above – MySQL database 5 or above
i. The Worldwide website security standard, Open Web Application Security
Project (OWASP):
– Cross site scripting – Injection flaws
– Malicious file execution
– Insecure direct object Reference
– Cross site request forgery
– Information leakage and improper error handling
– Broken authentication and session management
– Insecure cryptographic storage – Insecure communications
– Failure to restrict URL access

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