Teaching Role Play

“Choose a topic from below (just one). Prepare a lesson that engages the student in discussion primed for debate. During the role play you will be the teacher and your student will be a 12 year old intermediate level student. Keep in mind that an intermediate level student has a rapidly expanding vocabulary and exhibits growing confidence in her ability to comprehend and respond in English but still may be somewhat shy to fully express herself.
Introduce the topic
¢ Engage the student using leading questions and interactive discussion. (note: although questions are provided as guidance for the topic you may create and use your own questions)
¢ Demonstrate enthusiasm and energy while teaching
¢ Encourage the student to have a stance by the end of the lesson based on the discussion
¢ Your lesson should be 5 minutes long
Video Games
Video games allow gamers to escape from reality. Some people are worried that this is bad for both the gamers and society. However, many gamers claim that playing these games can lead to positive outcomes.
1. Do you think playing video games to escape from reality is healthy?
2. How do people benefit from playing video games?
3. Why would parents not want their children playing video games?
False Idols
Celebrities are beautiful and talented. It’s no wonder millions of teenagers idolize them. Some people think that there is nothing wrong with idolizing celebrities. However, critics think that some celebrities are simply false idols.
1. Who is your favorite celebrity? Why do you like him/her?
2. What would make a celebrity a bad role-model?
3. Would you like to live the life of a celebrity
Artificial Intelligence
The progress in artificial intelligence development has been impressive. Some people, however, believe it might go too far for our own good. They foresee dangers in developing an artificial race of robots.
1. Have you ever seen a robot (on TV or in person)? What was it like? What did it do?
2. How might robots be useful?
3. What would the future be like if robots became more intelligent than humans?”
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