Task 5 Monitoring a Project Using MS Project Test Paper

All the files for this exercise can be found in the Task 5 Road Project files folder. At each stage you can check your work against the mpp files.
This test requires your final version of the MS Project file you created in Task 3 test.
a)Save this file as your Task 5 Test Project.b)Show project summary task (ID will be 0 – need to do this in Options/Advanced)c)Add Recurring Tasks for Project Meetings to occur every other Monday starting 19/04/2021.d)Set a Deadline date for Clear Site as 22nd October 2021.e)Set the status date to 01/04/2021.f)Set the Baseline and save your Baseline file.g)Open the Test 5 Monitoring Data blank.xlsx file and enter all the data required for the Baseline status date.h)Status Date – 31st May 2021i.Set status date to 31/05/2021.ii.Enter the following updates•Project Meetings 1 to 4 100% complete•Site Clearance 100% complete• Steelwork Fabrication 70% complete•Bulk Excavation 100% complete•Hardcore Actual Start 20/05/2021 100% complete•Piling Remaining Work 160 hiii. Update the project (use the default setting in the drop-down menu)iv.Ensure that ALL the updates are as h)ii) above (very important you reset any that have been changed).v.Update the project again using “Reschedule uncompleted work” to see impact on project. Ignore any over-allocation of resources.vi.Repeat g) above.vii.Save this file under a different name.i)Status Date – 06/09/2021i.Set status date to 06/09/2021.ii.Enter the following updates•Project Meetings 5 to 11 100% complete•Steelwork Fabrication 100% complete•Piling Actual Finish 18/06/2020•Retaining Wall Excavate 100% complete•Pile Caps 100% complete•Retaining Wall Construction 100% complete•Backfill 100% complete•Steelwork Erection 100%•Cladding 70% complete•Concrete Floors 100% complete•External Services 100% complete•Partitions 100% complete•Roof Finishes 100% complete•Internal Services Actual Start 26/08/2021 and 10% complete•External Works 30% complete
iii.Repeat h) iii) to vii) aboveiv.Note down how many days over the deadline (or before) the project now is and which activities (ID number needed) you could delay to remove any resource over-allocation.v.Save this file under a different name.vi.YOU WILL NEED THIS FILE AND THE MONITORING DATA FILE FOR THE TEST.
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