system analysis and design


The primary objective of this phase is to apply system analysis skills to the user requirements and needs and create an effective project plan.To achieve this task, you will collaborate with other team members and build on the findings from your preliminary analysis.

During this assignment, you will:
1. Select the development methodology to follow;
2. Refine and specify the user’s needs and requirements using a standard system analysis framework;
3. Define the project plan;
4. Identify, categorize, and classify the risks [Only for Security and Forensics concentration];
5. Communicate professionally with multiple audiences.

system analysis


1. Font. Use black font, 12-point font, double or single line spacing (your choice) and one inch margins.
2. Abstract. Write a 100-word abstract that summarizes the rest of the report. Think of it as an Executive Summary.

3. Introduction. Write a brief introduction describing the purpose of this assignment.

4. Adopted Methodology. Write at most 300 words supported by figures describing the methodology adopted by the team in the project (Agile models) that will come down to your goals, the size of the project and your team, and other factors. Justify your choice. In case you are doing an evaluation type of project, you must describe your evaluation methodology including the aspects to be evaluated, evaluation criteria, and methods/techniques to be followed to perform the evaluation.

5. Analysis. Write at least 500 words that thoroughly explain your analysis work. Apply the selected analysis approach in a deep and thorough manner to the problem, system requirements/constraints and stakeholder perspectives. Your choice of analysis approach must be consistent with the adopted methodology. Use a CASE tool (StarUML, Entreprise Architect, etc.) to model the requirements. This is the key section of this project, be sure to spend a large portion of your time on this topic.

a If a structured methodology and a traditional analysis approach are chosen, the students must analyze the whole computing-based solution. The analysis model might include context diagrams, data flow diagrams, Entity Relationship Diagrams; Process Descriptions.
b If an agile or Iterative methodology and O.O approach are chosen, the students do not attempt to start with a full specification of requirements.

Instead, the development begins by specifying and implementing just part of the computing-based solution, which can then be reviewed in order to identify further requirements. The analysis model might include a use case diagram/product backlog, use case descriptions, system sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, and a domain class diagram

6. Time Management. Use appropriate tools and techniques to develop a schedule for project. Identify major milestones and use relevant techniques to estimate project duration. Make sure you include charts and graphs to illustrate/support your findings. Depending on the adopted methodology, use the work break down structure or user story map to list all significant tasks or deliverables or features.

7. Cost Management. Identify different types of resources to complete the project and estimate their cost required. Describe and explain the methods used to estimate cost using detailed examples. The methods should be compliant and coherent with the adopted methodology.
8. Risk Management [Only for Security and Forensics concentration].

Write 200 words describing the potential project risks. Categorize the risk identified and describe the possibilities/fallback plans you have considered to mitigate these risks. Compile your findings in a Risk Register.

9. Discussion/Reflection. Write at least 250 words where you clarify the problems and summarize the major challenges the team has identified for this project. List technical areas that team members must study before they can complete the project. Use appropriate graphics to enhance your document.

10. References. List your references including refereed journal articles, standards, web sites and verbal communications with experts. Use the APA referencing format for both inline citations and bibliography.

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