SWE312: Project deliverable 2

2. Four sequence diagrams for the submitted use cases. The sequence diagram should
depict the basic flow only.
3. Two activity diagrams to the submitted use cases, showing the lanes and covering the
basic flow only.
4. Mockup screens for any of the submitted use cases [basic flow only]. For each use case
create two mockup screens.
Marks distribution:
Task Marks
Mockup Screen X 1 1
The students are required to submit the following deliverables for their chosen project.
Class Diagrams X 4 with operations and multiplicites
Sequence Diagrams X 4 accurately using appropriate message types & guards
Activity Diagrams X 2
Deadline for Phase 2: 11th week – Saturday, 3rd April, 2021 by 11:59 PM, LMS
submission only, to be uploaded only by the team leader.
Note: Appropirate document organization and continuing the document of phase 1 (Corrected) is a
must, Seperate Phase 2 in the same document as a new heading. Each title of the task should be
clearly display and seperated (graded) all diagrams should be clearly visible and
1. Four Class diagrams for the four use cases that has been selected in phase 1. It is
mandatory to use a software to draw the diagrams, hand-drawn diagrams will
automatically get 0
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