Suspecting human impact on the environment and environmental issue in my surroundings

a. Name: Manureet kaur
b. Title: Suspecting human impact on the environment and environmental issue in my surroundings
c. Purpose: The advocacy of the environmental issues is marginalized through effective sources of education and manageable activism that endures the system under control for a fundamental breach into the success parameters for saving nature and the whole environment.
d. Description: The eventual environmental protection measures are to be taken that at least make an effort in trying to save the planet with useful resources and giving major insights into the preservence of the natural environment. The changing dynamics of the climate change effects are breached through non-pervasive factors which can automate the weather conditions for effective yet preventive heat extremes for misleading factors under the uncommon leads of the ice melting ratios.
e. Areas to cover:
– Introduction about the impact of environment
– Issues in my surrounding
– Climatic changes
– Sustainability at my workplace
– Issues
f. References: Masud, M. M.-A. (2016). Climate change issue and theory of planned behavior: relationship by empirical evidence. Journal of Cleaner Production, 113, 613-623.
Missimer, T. M. (2018). Environmental issues in seawater reverse osmosis desalination: Intakes and outfalls. Desalination, 434, 198-215.
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