survey paper guideline

Useful Guidelines
1. A descriptive title (“Survey of …”) and your name and student number on a separate title page,
2. An abstract (written last) which briefly describes the entire paper,
3. An Introduction to give background and motivation why to write this survey paper.
2. Scope and Methodology: to provide a framework/taxonomy to define the scope and methodology, technical notations that you are going to use to conduct the survey – A diagram and/or a table for technologies catalog/classification would help a lot here.
3. Main body: to list, describe and compare the leading work in the areas using the uniform survey method/style that your have defined in the above section. The numbers of sections and subsections are subject to your research areas and where to submit. The bottom-line is you should cover the top work conducted by the leading researchers in the area;
4. In end of each section and end of this paper, it is always a good idea to summarize your survey by listing the technologies/methods that you have discussed and compare them using a table or figure.
5. Again, it is always valuable for a good survey paper to point out not only advantage of these studied technologies/methods, but also their limitation so that you can provide/predicate some possible research directions for the students themselves and readers. The actual survey with critical analysis of each paper presented and the liberal use of figures to aid in the exposition,
6. A conclusion which summarizes the paper (now assuming the reader has read it) and which describes possible directions for future research, and
7. A detailed bibliography presented in an easy to read and consistent format
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