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Please choose one of the following questions and write a paper of up to 850 words on it using a very tight traditional construction: introduction with a thesis and previewed steps of development, body paragraphs, and conclusion that restates the thesis and steps very clearly.1. In Plato Allegory of the Cave (Republic VII), we see the prisoners at the bottom of the cave entrapped and subject to error, illusion, and dogmatism. After reading our materials on technology, identify and discuss a dangerous use or form of technology that puts us in a situation similar to the prisoners.2. What does Searle think that his Chinese room thought experiment shows? Discuss his position in light of one of the replies that he considers in “Minds, Brains, and Programs”. Either defend or criticize his position with regard to the reply that you find most plausible.3. Explain what is the “hard problem” of consciousness according to Chalmers, and discuss it using Frank Jackson’s case of Mary in the black and white room. Do you agree with Chalmers on that there’s something that Mary does not know in the room? In other words, do you agree that the hard problem of consciousness remains even if the easy problem is solved?Cite your sources properly, including in-text citations. Be as clear and succinct as you can. This is a philosophy paper. There is no need for a fancy hook or flowery language. Get to the point with a clear thesis, and focus on the clarity and soundness of your exposition and argument.
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