Supply Chain Strategy Model

Task 1 Supply Chain Strategy Model (20%)
Task 1 – Information
Word document including a depiction of a focal company’s supply chain network, the introduction of relevant supply chain drivers, and
the application of at least one concept/theory to the supply chain strategy model.
Your document should:
Introduce a self-selected supply chain network.
Illustrate and describe the supply chain, including product, process, information and 􀃑nancial 􀃒ows.
Identify one issue or opportunity that the supply chain is facing.
Apply and discuss at least one concept/theory in the context of the issue/supply chain.
Learning materials from Weeks 1 to 3.
The rubric for Task 1 is available below.
Task1Rubric2020 ATMC Semester 2, MGT326, Strategic Supply Chain Management.pdf
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