Student Database Activity

“1. Create a new database in Access called StudentInformationYourInitials. For example, I would call mine StudentInformationRJ.
2. Create a table called Personal Information that contains the following fields (determine the proper field widths and types so that the information displays properly): Be sure to have at least one field that uses the lookup wizard (a field where the entries are repetitive eg. Classification or State).
a. ID
b. First Name
c. Middle Initial
d. Last Name
e. Classification (for example, Freshman, Sophomore, etc.)
f. Date of Birth
g. Street Address
h. City
i. State
j. Zip
k. Phone
l. Honor Roll? (this should be a yes/no field)
m. Emergency Contact Name
n. Emergency Contact Phone
3. Enter student information to create 10 records. Enter your name as one of the records.
4. Create a query called Sophomore Query that shows all the Sophomores (must be at least 2).  Include all the fields in query.
5. Create a report called Emergency Contact that shows all students ID, First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, Emergency Contact Name, and Emergency Contact Phone.
6. Sort the report in ascending order by Last Name, then by First Name, then by Middle Initial.
7. Create a form called Students that would be used to enter student information.
Remove any tables, queries, or reports that are not correct before submitting. There should only be one table, one query, one report, and one form in the database.”
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