Structuring the essay

Writing essays is one of the inseparable parts of academic studies. You will get several assignments that include writing different kinds of essays to demonstrate your understanding and knowledge about the subject matter in question.

Whether you are working on critical synthesis, research proposal assignment, or research methodology assignment without following a proper structure, you may fail to demonstrate your arguments efficiently.

As it is a common practice for your tutors and professors to write professional essays, they do not expect anything less than their standards from the students. Today, we will help you to know the perfect way to structure academic essays to improve your essay writing skills to pro level.

One of the primary things you need to keep in mind before working on essay writing assignments is the difference between research papers and essays. Most students often confuse these terms thus, failing to follow the appropriate structure for their essay assignments.

Most students ignore research papers vs essay differences, thus turning even simple essays into complicated ones. So let’s jump into understanding the essay structure that can help to strengthen your essay writing skills.

structure an essay

Key components of the essay structure

The top priority you need to keep while working on any essay assignment is to understand the requirements and purpose of the essay. Do some brainstorming while finding out the ideas, claims, and arguments concerning the topics you get.

We know that homework is boring buy doing proper homework on essay topics will help you master the skill.

Once you understand the core of the assignment, you can streamline your efforts to study the relevant resources. Now, the next step is to compile the data, facts, figures, and argument you got into a meaningful essay. The most common essay structure has the following parts:-

  • Introduction – It is the part from where your essay starts. It is vital to include information that provides enough sense about the direction of your assignment. You can open with attractive lines that demonstrate the aim of the whole paper and brief information about the subject matter. Below are the three vital components of a nice introductory part of an essay:-
  1. Catching the reader’s attention with an opening hook.
  2. Background information that the reader must know before proceeding to the next part.
  3. Presenting your argument in a thesis statement.
  • Body – After completing the introduction, the next part is to create the body of your essay. This part includes several paragraphs that depend on the length and number of arguments you want to add. You should add at least three paragraphs describing one point in each.

It is recommended to follow the peel paragraphs format and essayed definitions while discussing your arguments. Follow the below points to maintain the utmost standards while writing the body of your essays:-

  1. Start the paragraphs with the points you want to explain in it clearly.
  2. The opening statement should follow by supportive evidence to strengthen your argument.
  3. Include enough references from resources such as books, research papers, and trustworthy websites.
  4. End each paragraph with your analysis of the argument
  • Conclusion – It is the last section that you need to work on while writing the academic essays. You can conclude this part in a short paragraph. If the length of your academic essay body is long, add a couple of paragraphs to summarize your arguments. Keep below points in mind while writing the conclusions for academic essays:-
  1. Provide a summary of the main points in your arguments
  2. Draw a judgment about the topic of your essay.
  3. Discuss the further scope and new ideas concerning the subject matter.

We hope that this article will help you to draft unexceptional essays that follow an appropriate structure. We can understand that academic writings can turn daunting for students.

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