strategic communications efforts in green peace

Paper Requirements
○ Length: 5 pages
○ Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 spaced lining
○ Your paper has to present the strategic communications efforts (f.e., within a campaign) of an existing company/organization/national institution
1) First, give an overview/introduction to your company/organization/institution
Greenpeace was formed in 1971 by a group of activists who sail to Amchitka Island to stop the US nuclear weapons testing. They have an old fishing boat called “The Greenpeace” as we know now, Greenpeace is available around the world in over 40 countries, and they got inspired by people who are protecting the natural world from destruction. Their vision is an environmentally friendly planet. Must be good health and peace which can sustain life for the next generations to come. They are independent and do not accept any funding from the governments or companies and political parties. Also, their work is funded by the general public which means they are free to face the governments and companies responsible for destroying the natural world and push for real change.
As we know, Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organization. They use creative and peaceful confrontation to expose the world’s environmental problems.
Also, they develop a solution for the future that will turn green and peaceful.
2) Explain your company’s/organization’s/institution’s goals
Greenpeace has a strong and unwavering set of goals that they plan to executive shown below
3) Describe the messages that are being communicated (incl. Mission Statement,
Organization Description)
Mission Statement: Greenpeace is to ensure that the planet has the capacity to nurture all forms of life, advocating action to make positive changes to safeguard the natural world and promote peace.
Organization Description: Greenpeace has four core values. They are positive action, global, credible and independent. For positive action, Greenpeace uses interesting and creative, non-violent activities, confrontations to raise the level and quality of public discussion. For the global and credible, Greenpeace is part of a global organization. They address cross-border environmental challenges and tap global intelligence and resources. As a reliable organization, they highlight environmental problems and propose solutions through independent investigations, studies and actions.
In terms of independence, Greenpeace ensures economic independence, free from political or commercial interests. Therefore, it does not accept funds from governments, enterprises or political parties, nor does it accept donations to the detriment of its purposes, objectives or integrity. Individual supporters and foundations are their only source of financial support.
In a nutshell, Greenpeace investigates and exposes environmental crimes, such as illegal logging in paradise forests. Conduct scientific research and document environmental issues, such as toxic pollution or signs of climate change. It has also lobbied governments and industry to participate in global negotiations. To seek and promote sustainable solutions to environmental problems.
4) Describe the Communications Objectives
● Raise people’s awareness and attention to environmental issues in the right way
Even in the case of deep divergence, Greenpeace communicates with the public in the right way, and the public can achieve substantial growth in attracting new audiences. Greenpeace did not use alienating policies and technical rhetoric, but instead emphasized the importance of communities and values that resonate with all sectors of society and actively promote social development. In this way, it raises awareness of local and global issues and empowers the public to be aware of the relevance and authority of themselves and the actions of Greenpeace.
● Improve and save the environment
Protecting ancient forests is why Greenpeace International is committed to protecting forests and their wildlife. The plants, animals and culture of the forest are being seriously threatened. Saving the ocean is also an important part of Greenpeace’s international mission. Marine life has been threatened by the following major factors: industrial fishing, bycatch, unfair fisheries, fish farming, global warming and pollution. Greenpeace calls for changes in the way modern people manage the oceans. Stopping climate change is the mission of
Greenpeace International. Its purpose is to phase out fossil fuels and replace fossil fuels with reusable energy to stop climate change. Toxic chemicals endanger our rivers, lakes, oceans and air as well as human health. Greenpeace International is committed to educate and eliminate these toxic chemicals from production, trade and use. It suggests replacing toxic chemicals with safer alternative materials to make our world cleaner and healthier.
● Create change
Greenspace according to the investigation, lobbying, peaceful direct action, and science to intervene in areas that are most likely to trigger positive changes-whether you are intervening in environmental crime, target people who have the ability to make changes, attract people and communities who can take advantage of the changes, or work to take environmental responsibility and social justice s solution.
5) Describe the target audience
6) Describe the channels of communication being used
Greenpeace has always been known to have public protests that are non-violent, directly communicating the issue at hand. To make sure that their message is being received and changes are being made by the government they also communicate through information on online and real petitions that help increase awareness about the various issues regarding environmental damage. Greenpeace is also known to collaborate with local non governmental organisations in order to increase their reach in the local communities.
In more current times, online campaigns have been noticed to be successful and Greenpeace is increasingly adopting an online presence. Their online presence has grown majorly through the excessive use of social media platforms like facebook, instagram and twitter being used to reach mass audience with online campaigns that construct of quantitative data (in regards to the percentage of damage done), qualitative data that are convincing and influential and various images and videos depicting the reality of environmental damage.
Owing to their unique campaign styles, Greenpeace has also been a favorite with many news channels with their quirky methods of creating awareness providing multiple news channels with distinctive content and further helping greenpeace spread their message to a wider base of audience.
Greenpeace also communicates with a worldwide audience through a website known as cyber centre developed by Kevin Jardine. This website is used to build a global community with exchange of ideas, opinions, solutions and productive discussion regarding the mission of greenpeace. This strategy has been successfully implemented with over thousands of people being an active participant of this online community from over 170 countries and territories. 7) Rate the strategic communication efforts in terms of effectivity and morality
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