Stonewall Uprising

“Read the Wikipedia article about the Stonewall Riots of 1969 at:
Watch American Experience: Stonewall Uprising on PBS at:
· What character from the film do you relate to the most? In what role can you best imagine yourself (e.g., police officer, journalist, politician, bar patron, onlooker) and why?
· Use 200 words In what role can you least imagine yourself, and why?
· Use 200 words Put yourself in the shoes of someone that was at Stonewall that night.
· Choose a person from the film and pretend to be him or her. Write a 500 – page letter to a friend describing what happened that night, what you did, how you felt at the time, and how you feel now.
Your responses should be complete and comprehensive, demonstrating that you understood what you saw onscreen, and put thought into your paper. Make sure to write in complete sentences, using standard spelling, grammar, and punctuation.”
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