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“Assignment 2: Inferential Statistics and Generalization
Assignment Introduction
When reporting the results of a quantitative study it is necessary to provide descriptive statistics in order to detail information about your independent and dependent variables as you did in your Unit 3 Assignment. You also need to provide appropriate inferential statistics to test the research hypothesis. Beyond using the correct statistical procedure the most important aspect of reporting the inferential statistics is the appropriate interpretation of those results. This Assignment is concerned with the appropriate inferential statistics based on specific hypotheses.
Assignment Directions
Open the Assignment 5 Excel Spreadsheet and save it to your computer using the following naming convention:
Last_name_Unit 5_Descriptive_Statistics.
Once you have saved the spreadsheet to your computer, test the following hypotheses using the appropriate inferential statistics. Be sure to include your interpretation of the results, including the test statistic and the p-value where provided.
1. Test the following research hypothesis using the Quizzes tab. There is an increase in performance between the first quiz and the fifth quiz.
2. Test the following research hypothesis using the GPA-IQ tab. There is a positive correlation between a person measured IQ and their GPA at graduation.Based on the regression equation predict the GPA for a person with a measured IQ of 120.
3. Test the following research hypothesis using the Total Points by Gender tab. Females score higher on the examination that males.
4. Test the following research hypothesis using the Total Points by Race tab. There is no difference between the mean scores based on racial identification.
5. Save your work often while completing the Assignment.
You will be submitting your Excel Spreadsheet so make sure that you have saved all your work to the spreadsheet before submitting the Assignment.”
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