Standards and Objectives

“Describe the purpose of a learning standard  and the critical components of a learning objective.
How would you differentiate between the two if attempting to explain it to somebody else?
What is the relationship between formative assessments during instruction and the standards and objectives of that lesson?
Take the challenge Karen Lea presents in her blog article Meaningful Connections: Objectives and Standard . Select a grade level standard and design two learning objectives AND a way to assess students FOR learning for each objective.Be sure to use the criteria for writing high-quality objectives as discussed in your assigned reading and videos.
Lea, K. (2013). Meaningful connections: Objectives and standards . Edutopia. Retrieved from
Hello Class,
I have noticed that writing objectives tends to take some time in mastering (believe me, been there, done that) and I wanted to provide you all with a resource that walks you through the process:
Complete the first part of the question about the difference between a learning standard and learning objective. Be sure to refer to the LeFranois text to support your response.  Then please use the following as you complete the last part of your discussion and here is an exemplar below.
I am using Virginia Science State Standards for the exemplar, but you are expected to select one of the standards from Karen Lea’s blog.
VA Science Standard:
SOL 2.3: The student will investigate and understand basic properties of solids, liquids, and gases. Key concepts include
a) identification of distinguishing characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases;
Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this lesson, students will be able to identify among a solid, liquid, and gas by completing a partner sort.
At the conclusion of this lesson, students will able to explain the characteristics of a solid, liquid and gas by creating a visual poster.
Here is a video to help you with writing learning objectives:
Students will complete an exit ticket where they will draw an example of each state of matter and write one word to describe the characteristics (**You can see here how I used one assessment to assess both learning objectives).
Here is a link to a variety of formative assessments or assessments FOR learning that you might want to consider choosing from when developing your assessment:″
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