Standards and Objectives (follow the respond to my 2 peers guided below)

“Guided Response: Respond to at least one classmate with objectives and assessment ideas in the same grade range you chose (Pre-K-2nd, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, and other) and one with objectives and assessment ideas in a completely different grade range.Â
Are their objectives clear and measurable?Â
Do they identify specifically, what the STUDENT will be doing and how?
Are they aligned (related) to the given standard?
It is important to remember professionalism in your feedback.  You are to give constructive feedback by giving the author a different lens with which to view their original ideas.  Therefore, provide them with a specific suggestion for making their objective and/or assessment more complex according to Blooms Taxonomy

Kaitlin McCarthy
The purpose of a learning standard is to allow all students the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge required to live in todays society. The learning standard is criteria of what students should be learning. The idea for these learning standards is to give students the ability to compete with others around the world for jobs. They will need to have knowledge, skills, and disposition in order to compete in the changing world. The skills include collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation (Lefranois, 2013). Learning objectives are what schools expect students to know and be able to do.
In order to differentiate the terms learning standard and learning objectives to another person,  first start out with their definitions. The learning standard aligns more with the common core state standards than the learning objectives. Standards are something that teachers are supposed to teach and by the end of the teaching, students are supposed to know and understand. A learning objective is something that the teacher wants you to focus on as your end goal of a lesson.
Formative assessments are determining factors to what students really learn and what information they attain. The learning objective is what students have a goal to learn and formative assessments can help them reach that goal. The learning standards are what teachers need to teach their students. Formative assessments can be a teachers way of teaching the material while still reaching the standard.
I chose Kindergarten and the objective is, Correctly name shapes regardless of their orientations or overall size (Lea, 2013, para. 6). Learning objective #1: After teaching the characteristics of each shape, the students will be able to name at least one defining characteristic of each shape (i.e., this shape is round). Learning objective #2: After working with blocks of different shapes, the students will be able to draw each shape to the best of their ability. The formative assessments used to attain these objectives are, for learning objective #1, give the students an exit slip worksheet with a word box of the names of the shapes and real-life pictures of the shapes. For learning objective #2, the students will draw on exit slips containing only the labels of the shapes and their job is to draw the shape on the sheet next to the correct label.
Lea, K. (2013, March 7). Meaningful Connections: Objectives and Standards. Retrieved from
Lefrançois, G. R. (2013). Of learning and assessment [Electronic Version]. Retrieved from
Deja Carthon
According to Lefrancois (2013) “”Educational goals are the broad intentions of educational systems. They describe what educational systems are designed to accomplish. They summarize the purposes of educational institutions and, indirectly, the goals of societies and of parents for children”” (Lefrancois, 2013). The purpose of a learning standard and the critical components of a learning objective is to make sure all students across the distract are receiving the same information. The difference between the two is learning standards are more grade band designed, and learning objectives are more classroom and student based. The relation between formative assessments during instruction and the standards and objective of a lesson is the focus on students needs as individuals and as a class. Formative assessments can be used as a connection between student’s skill levels, information process and areas of improvement, and goal setting.
Kindergarten: Correctly name shapes regardless of their orientations or overall size.
Learning Objective 1: After teaching my lesson about shapes, students will be able to identify circle as round shaped, and rectangles, and squares and box shaped.
Learning Objective 2: After teaching my lesson about shapes students will be able to compete a worksheet by identifying each shape (square, triangle, circle) by different colors as stated on worksheet with 80% accuracy.
I can assess students FOR learning each objective by using flashcards to have students recall or name shapes during circle time. Students can also use play dough or their fingers to draw shapes during circle time.
Lea, K. (2013, March 7). Meaningful Connections: Objectives and Standards. Retrieved from
Lefrançois, G. R. (2013). Of learning and assessment [Electronic Version]. Retrieved from”
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