Sports Management Topic Areas

Task: Please locate and provide contemporary resources (articles, news, video footage, films etc.) that help to elaborate on these topics. As these topics are part of a course, please locate or develop activities and exercises that would help a sports management learner to apply an understanding of these topics.
International Sports Business
1l The Globalised Sport Industry – Understand the importance of globalization and its effect on the sport industry.
2. The Business of International Sport – how sport leagues operate around the world.
3. International Sport Federations – the major managerial functions of international sport federations. Key managerial issues facing international sport federations.
4. International Sport Marketing – basic concepts of sport marketing to a global setting. The nature of sport consumption and its consumers in a global setting
5. Sport in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean – sport in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean and the key issues that impact on sports business in their key sports.
6. Sport in Europe – sport in Europe and the key issues that impact on sports business in their key sports.
7. Sport in the Arab World – sport in Africa and the Arab World and the key issues that impact on sports business in their key sports.
8. Sport in Asia – sport in Asia and the key issues that impact on sports business in their key sports
9. Corruption and Ethics in Sport – different types of corruption in sport. The impact and implications of corruption on the sport industry’s main stakeholders. The complexities in addressing corruption in international sport.
10. Corporate Social Responsibility, Sport, and Development – How sports engages in community development and social change
11. Media in International Sport – The role that media plays in sport. The changing nature of international sports media.
Sport Asset and Risk Management
1. Principles of Asset & Risk Management – The concept of Risk within the Asset Management Structure
2. Legal Framework – Basic Laws faced by most facilities. Tort Law, Risk Management & Insurance, The ECT Approach; Contracts; Government Regulation.
3. Basics of Asset Management – Levels of an Asset Management System, Implementing Risk Strategies, Conflicting Objectives.
4. Management Systems – Key Performance Indicators, Asset Management Strategy, How Safety Regulation Evolves.
5. Asset Management Techniques –
6. Risk Management Strategies – The Risk Management Process, Steps in Risk Analysis, Risk Rating Descriptors, Risk Consequence Descriptors, Risk Responses
7. Facility Maintenance – Life Cycle Costing, Maintenance & Repair Program, Maintenance Repair Audits.
8. Risk & Insurance – WHS as it relates to the previously named OH&S, The Benefits of a WHS Program, The Obligations and Legal Requirements of a WHS Program, Personal Accident Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity, Directors Insurance, Property Insurance, Entertainment & Event Insurance
9. Implementing a Security Plan – Crowd Management, Safety Concerns, Crisis Management
10. Facility Preparation & Event Management – Attracting Events, Event Preparation, Problems that can arise during an event, Post Event Analysis, Marketing for the future, Facility Analysis
11. Crisis Management – The Three Phases of Crisis Management, The Business Continuity Plan, The Crisis Management 3 Tier Structure, Reputation Management
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