Speech homework

“Your post should include two things: one page please answer question 1&2 separately.1. Explain what you learned about nonverbals from the videos. Be specific.2. Share the impact/use of a specific nonverbal message in your life. This can be something you do to communicate nonverbally or something your friends/family/coworkers do to communicate nonverbally.For example, when children are not responding appropriately to verbal directions (“”Get your shoes on”” or “”brush your teeth”” or “”put the Legos away””) some parents find that leaving off the words (verbal message) and cranking up intense eye contact generally does the trick. It’s funny how the eyes can often convey “”I’m serious…do it now”” more than actual words. Links for the blog (view videos below before heading to the blog please watch videos on youtube.
Facial Expressions Facial Expressions Links to an external site. FriendsFriends Links to an external site. State FarmState Farm Links to an external site. FireFire Links to an external site.MustangsMustangs Links to an external site. For the Birds (Watch this FIRST)For the Birds (Watch this FIRST) Links to an external site. Birds Analysis (Watch this SECOND)Birds Analysis (Watch this SECOND)”
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