Speaking to Inform Instructions

five-minute speech about Cultural and customs of Saudi Arabia should be powerpoint with the outline 2 pages  informing your audiences about a process. must turn in a complete preparation outline in MS Word document format, but the speech should be delivered extemporaneously from a brief speaking outline/index cards. Write your speech outline in full sentences. Use at least three sources in your research for the speech and provide the reference list or bibliography of the information you obtained from other sources at the bottom of your speech outline. You have the options of writing your speech in a form of an outline, which is two-pages long or in a form of a full-fledged speech of the same length two pages. Be sure your speech demonstrates your understanding of concepts, to get some ideas about what goes into a speech to inform. develop and organize your thoughts into introduction, body and conclusion ensuring that your speech achieves the criteria outlined for each of these parts effectively and efficiently. Your speech should contain two to four main points; which you should support with solid evidence or explanations. State your specific purpose, central idea and main points at the beginning of your outline and speech following the format. The more you base your speech on issues you know very well about, the stronger your speech gets. Stay away from trivial topics that everyone knows about. Your purpose is to inform your audiences on a topic they don’t know much about. The informative speech you’ll give must be interesting and useful to your audience. So, think of your audience as your prepare.
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