Software Quality

PROG8440–Software Quality: Fall 2020
This assignment should be done individually. Do your own work and do not share your work with others. Sharing work is an academic offense and is subject to penalty. Be aware that documents are automatically checked by eConestoga against every other student’s work in the course as well as resources on the internet. Academic offenses will be reported to the College Registrar.
Software Quality is as much analysis as it is testing. Therefore, the goal of this exercise is to perform analysis on an application.
Over the past 2 weeks we have discussed and reviewed the different types of testing that can be performed on an application. This assignment will have you review the Orange Data Mining tool and identify the applicable levels and types of testing.
** Note, this is an open source application, so you are free to download it as well as view the source code. **
Provide an overview of the application and what people would use it for. Summarize the objective of testing. Finally, outline what levels and types of tests should be performed for this application
Include the following information:
• Testing Level
• Description of the Testing Level
• Testing Description (what types of tests at this Level would you run)
• Reason and Rational for test selection
The above information can be in table form with each bullet point as a column heading.
** Note you do not have to create test cases for this assignment, that may come later **
The report should use appropriate business language, be clear, concise, and easy to read. Any references you use should be cited using the APA format.
Grading details are outlined on the next page.
Grading Rubric:
Needs work
Got it
Testing Level
Does not accurately identify Testing Level
Partially identifies Testing Level
Accurately identifies Testing Level
Description of Testing Level
Does not describe Testing Level
Partially describes Testing Level
Accurately describes Testing Level
Types of Tests
Does not identify Types of Tests
Partially identifies Types of Tests
Fully identifies Types of Tests
Rational for Test Type Selection
Does not explain reasoning for selected test types
Partially explains reasoning for selected test types
Successfully explains reasoning for selected test types
Does not use clear language
Communication of ideas is hampered by consistent errors in spelling and mechanics
Uses language that is clear and easy to understand most of the time
Demonstrates satisfactory use of spelling and mechanics
Uses language that is clear and easy to understand
Demonstrates strong grasp of spelling and mechanics
Basic Requirements
Submits late without prior notice and permission
Submits incomplete
Late with prior notice and permission
With most of the tasks completed
Submits on time
With all tasks completed
The assignment must be submitted to eConestoga no later than 11:59 PM (EDT)
Late Penalties:
Late assignments will receive the following penalties:
Days Late
Penalty %
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